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Fresh Caravan Care’s pricing structure allows you to choose what services you want.

Prices are based on the size of your caravan; there are 3 categories, small, medium and large, for a quotation for any of our services please email us, or use the enquiry form, to help us provide you with an accurate quote please include the following details, make and model, total length, your preferred service and  the location of your caravan. It is always helpful to receive a photo or two so we can see the current condition of the caravan.

Fresh Wash
Cost effective shampoo cleaning, rinse and dry of side panels, front and rear panels, windows, roof and wheels - from £55.00.

Fresh Wash and Wax
An exterior valet, including a shampoo wash and clean, rinse, dry, luxury deep wax and polish, of side panels, front, rear panels and roof, detailed clean of windows and roof lights including minor scratch removal, deep clean and polish of alloy wheels and wheel trims - from £75.00.

Fresh Interiors 1
Complete vacuum of carpets and seating areas, clean and polish of tables, work tops, windows and roof lights - from £25.00
Fresh Interiors 2
Complete shampoo and vacuum of carpets and seating areas, clean and polish of tables, work tops, windows and roof lights, deep clean of oven and bathroom - from £35.00

Fresh Protection
This service is designed for newer caravans and owners who wish to protect their investment.
After a detailed clean of all external area's including the roof we undertake a full wax and polish using machine polishers to achieve an outstanding shine which is then "locked" in by applying a patented 2 stage process to create a shield protecting your paint work. The exterior protection comes with a guarantee that you will not have to polish your caravan again.

Included in the Fresh Protection package is the full cleaning and protection of the carpets and upholstery, this process will provide a "barrier coat" allowing spills that would stain an untreated surface to be wiped clean. 

Fresh Protection service prices start from £250, for more information on the process and it's benefits please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here at Fresh Caravan Care we understand how important to maintain your Caravan correctly. We would recommend having the exterior of your Caravan cleaned around 2-4 times per year, this, however is dependent on the environment your Caravan is stored and used in. It may be more, it may be less!

The Process
We are a fully mobile and self-sufficient valeting service; we can provide our services at your chosen location.

We do like to meet you, ideally before we start any of our valets, this way we can walk round your Caravan, inside and out to note any area's that you would like special attention paid to, then we recommend you leave us to do the hard work whilst you relax and put your feet up! We will agree a completion time or give you a call to let you know when we will be finished, if possible we do like to say goodbye and let you have a look at the work we have done.

Fresh Caravan Care will guarantee to provide you with a high standard of professionalism, courtesy and, obviously a very clean caravan!

*Never polish again means for the period you own the caravan

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